Joint Lyndsey Team Beachbody team (if you want, no pressure)
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You may have heard of Team Beachbody and their coaching network. While we believe that the mission of Beachbody and their coaches is solid and awesome, some coaches are just out to sell you products.

We own a business and have full time careers. We are into the coaching thing because it’s easier to help people who need and want it, and we get discounts on products. So if you want to sign up under us, click below.

We will not try to sell you anything unless you want it, and we while we do drink Shakeology, we will not tell you that it will cure cancer, reverse baldness and potty train your baby.

Join us if you want, or not and just enjoy the site. Up to you.

Click the link below and then click "Join"

Oh, and if you think we're just trying to trick you into a life of fitness only, here is a link to the Cupcake bakery we also own. Which we planned and built the same time we lost all this weight

Fat together, Fit Together is a website and blog like you’ve never saw before. Lyndsey has lost over 150 pounds, and Travis has lost over 80. They did not do this by any drastic diet changes, or following some fads that don’t last *cough, Atkins cough*. They did it by following workout plans, and making small changes in the food they eat. This website is a companion to their upcoming book “Fat Together, Fit Together”, which gives you tips and advice by telling their story and showing that you do not have to give up everything you enjoy in life, in order to be healthy. Being fit, and having fun are not mutually exclusive.

You’ll notice two tabs, one that reads “Fit Together” which will document things they do, (that you can to) that promotes healthy living, such as taking hikes, going skiing or something simple as a walk.  You may notice some reviews of places they visit and ratings on how difficult a task each thing can be.

The second tab reads “Fat Together” which tell stories about the things they do that are not as healthy, such as restaurants they visit, foods they like to bake and other meals they like to eat that you probably won’t find on any other website dedicated to a healthy life style.

The trick is to combine these two, figures out a perfect balance that you can sustain your entire life. They’ve done it, and continue to do it and are now putting it down on paper for you to follow in hope that you to will be able to change your life.

As long as your “Fit Together” entries in your life are more frequent than your “Fat Together” entries, you should succeed.